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PPCP Communications Toolkit

Principal Investigators
Laura Kennedy, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
Jean Debroux, PhD, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
Mark Millan, Data Instincts, Public Outreach Consultants

As water becomes a scarcer and more precious resource, many communities are making use of recycled water to address growing water demands and limited supplies. One of the hurdles to gaining public acceptance of recycled water projects is perceived human health risks.

Among the perceived risks is concern about the presence of trace concentrations of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) found in recycled water. But findings from a recent study (WRF-09-07) indicate that, depending on the chemical and the exposure situation, it could take anywhere from a few years to many millions of years of exposure to nonpotable recycled water to reach the same exposure to PPCPs that we get in a single day through routine activities.

For each of four scenarios in which people could come into contact with recycled water used for irrigation — children on a playground, golfers, and landscape and agricultural workers — the Risk Assessment Study estimated health risks from exposures to PPCPs in recycled water and compared those exposures to conventional uses of the same chemicals.

The PPCP Communications Toolkit Includes:

  • A four page illustrated color brochure titled Recycled Water: How Safe is It? which puts the risk of recycled water into perspective for the general public
  • Four double-sided flyers that explain estimated health risks from pharmaceuticals and personal care products for children on the playground, golfers, and landscape and agricultural workers
  • A 12 minute DVD, which synthesizes the results of the Risk Assessment Study. This beautifully shot video includes interviews with the scientists behind the research.

(2011, Pocket Folder with DVD and printed inserts, 09-07-2)

To preview the flyers and video, click here.

The brochure and flyers are also available separately in English and Spanish.

The Risk Assessment Study final report is also available.

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