The WateReuse Research Foundation conducts applied research in all aspects of water reclamation, reuse, recycling, and desalination. The research addresses the full range of scientific, technical, policy, and social science issues related to these areas. A research agenda identifying priority areas is continually reviewed and updated. The Foundation's research advances the science of water reuse and desalination and supports communities across the United States and abroad in their efforts to create new sources of high quality water while protecting public health and the environment.

The Foundation's research provides information on the safety and quality of alternative water supplies, and provides water professionals with the tools and knowledge to meet their commitment of increasing the reliability and quality of the nation's water supplies. The Foundation meets these goals by building on:

  • Scientific integrity;
  • Collaborative partnerships to address critical needs;
  • Leveraging of research dollars;
  • Subscriber involvement; and
  • Demonstrated benefits.

The Research Foundation's primary sources of funding are its Subscribers and its funding partners, which include the Bureau of Reclamation, the California State Water Resources Control Board, the California Energy Commission, and the California Department of Water Resources. The Foundation's Subscribers include water and wastewater agencies and other interested organizations. The Foundation is committed to pursuing new partners to collaborate on research and leverage resources.