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Impacts of Membrane Process Residuals on Wastewater Treatment (Includes CD-ROM)

Principal Investigator
Alan E. Rimer, Black & Veatch

This project provides utilities with two types of models for predicting the impacts of membrane concentrate loadings on the collection system and the wastewater treatment plant. Point source impacts reflect the discharge of concentrates to the wastewater collection system and are evaluated with models developed using Excel. These models can project possible deterioration of the collection system at the point of discharge of concentrates to the system. The impacts of system-wide concentrate discharges are evaluated with an Excel mass balance model. Models for discharges to the collection system are provided to calculate the concentrations of components in discharges.

The system-wide mass balance and its features allow almost any water and wastewater treatment system to be modeled. The model is a water mass balance that includes water losses through leaks in the distribution system, water sold outside the wastewater service area, water reuse from both a satellite plant and an effluent reuse facility, and evaporation. The mass balance tracks a number of both conservative and nonconservative pollutants. The conservative pollutants are never destroyed, while the nonconservative pollutants are partially destroyed or converted into another physical form. The report consists of a guidance manual, which compiles all the information developed for this project and a CD-ROM, which includes the Excel models. (2008, 207 pages, 02-006c-01)

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