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The Psychology of Water Reclamation and Reuse: Survey Findings and Research Road Map

Principal Investigator
Brent M. Haddad, MBA, PhD, University of California, Santa Cruz

The primary goals of this report are to identify and explain a 3- to 5-year research program evaluating the human response to water reclamation and reuse. Human responses were evaluated  from the perspective of social psychology and judgment and decision-making, areas of psychology that focus on attitudes, beliefs, choices and decisions and the multiple variables that influence them. Both of these subareas of psychology are currently involved in evaluating the separate and often conflicting influences of emotional and cognitive factors in decision-making. The secondary objective of this project is to implement this research program to the fullest extent possible and report on initial findings.

This research program has already been launched, and initial results have been identified. The report presents the results of a nationwide survey of attitudes toward water reuse, beliefs about water, and possible demographic and psychological predictors of attitudes toward water reuse. It also explores some possible routes to explain water reuse to people and to persuade them to be more positive about it. These results provide both guidance to water agencies in their public communications role and justifications for the ongoing research project.
(2009, 74 pages, 04-008-1)

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