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Application of Microbial Risk Assessment Techniques to Estimate Risk Due to Exposure to Reclaimed Waters

Principal Investigators
Adam W. Olivieri, Dr. PH, P.E, EOA, Inc.
Edmund Seto, Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley

In this investigation, microbial risk assessment numerical simulations were conducted to provide insight toward understanding the relative risks to human health associated with nonpotable water reuse applications. To this end, a risk matrix was developed to facilitate understanding of the relative microbial risks associated with the use of reclaimed water for nonpotable reuse applications under a range of different conditions. The conditions evaluated included the occurrence of five infectious agents of public health concern in reclaimed water, the efficacy in reducing pathogen concentrations of two reclaimed water treatment process trains, and the predicted volume of water ingested via three end-use specific exposure pathways. 

The information presented in this report will be useful to water and wastewater utility managers, regulators, and water quality scientists and engineers because it is based on scientifically defensible data that can be used to compare the potential relative risks associated with nonpotable water reuse applications under a wide range of relevant conditions. The estimated risks reported in this investigation are consistent with, although slightly higher than those reported in other literature.
(2007, 84 pages, 04-011-1)

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