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Development of Indicators and Surrogates for Chemical Contaminant

Principal Investigator and Project Manager
Jörg E. Drewes, Ph.D., Colorado School of Mines

The recent detection of a variety of chemicals in municipal wastewater effluent has raised concerns about the potential presence of wastewater-derived chemical contaminants in water produced by indirect potable reuse systems. Regulatory agencies and utilities have struggled with this issue because the wastewater-derived chemicals often are present at extremely low concentrations and because no standardized analytical methods are available.

The objectives of this project were (a) to identify surrogate parameters and indicator compounds for wastewater-derived chemical contaminants that might be useful in the assessment of indirect potable reuse systems, (b) to identify and assess the performance of analytical methods for the chosen surrogates and indicators, and (c) to validate the ability of chosen surrogates and indicators to predict the occurrence and removal of wastewater-derived contaminants in indirect potable reuse systems.
(2008, 169 pages, 03-014-01)

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