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Honolulu Membrane Bioreactor Pilot Study

Principal Investigator and Project Manager
Roger Babcock, Jr., Ph.D., University of Hawaii

This study consisted of two phases. Phase I consisted of a side-by-side pilot demonstration of six different membrane bioreactor (MBR) systems at the Honouliuli wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Ewa Beach, HI. The objectives of Phase I were to (i) demonstrate the technology for local engineers, operators, owners, and regulators, (ii) develop operating experience in Hawaii, (iii) promote the technology for adoption in Hawaii, (iv) compare different equipment, and (v) investigate the consistency of water quality, the reliability, and the operability of the technology for three different waste streams.

Phase II consisted of a variety of activities, including bench- and pilot-scale tests, aeration testing, and a feasibility study. The objectives of Phase II were (i) pilot testing one MBR at an application site to facilitate the full-scale plant design and acquaint the operations staff with the technology, (ii) pilot testing one MBR at a pump station site to evaluate satellite MBR treatment operation issues, (iii) pilot testing MBR-based thickening and aerobic digestion of secondary sludge to investigate the potential utility of such operations, (iv) conducting a comprehensive MBR feasibility study for the island of Oahu, including satellite reclamation, plant expansions, plant upgrades to facilitate recycling, and decentralized treatment for proposed or new developments, and (v) conducting research on MBR biofouling and aeration mass transfer.
(2009, 260 pages, 04-004-01)

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