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Reclaimed Water Aquifer Storage and Recovery: Potential Changes in Water Quality

Principal Investigator
Tracy Clinton, Carollo Engineers

Aquifer storage recovery (ASR) is defined as the storage of water in a suitable aquifer through a well during times when water is available and recovery of the water from the same well during times when it is needed. The water sources used for ASR include potable water, reclaimed water, and stormwater. Four operating reclaimed water ASR sites were selected for participation in the water quality monitoring study. These were the Englewood Water District in Englewood, FL, Manatee County Utilities in Manatee County, FL, the Tumbleweed Recharge Facility in Chandler, AZ, and the recharge facility in Bolivar, SA, Australia.

The major objectives of this report are to:

  • Describe the state of the practice of reclaimed water ASR
  • Identify wastewater constituents and water quality parameters of significance for designing, monitoring, and evaluating reclaimed water ASR
  • Measure concentrations of contaminants at various stages of recharge, storage, and recovery of reclaimed water and analyze observed data with respect to attenuation mechanisms and rates to characterize water quality changes through ASR

(2007, 146 pages, 03-009-01)

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