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Removal and Destruction of NDMA and NDMA Precursors during Wastewater Treatment

Principal Investigators
Dr. Michael Kavanaugh, Malcolm Pirnie
Dr. David Sedlak, UC Berkeley.

N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) is a probable human carcinogen with health concerns at very low concentrations. This report presents the results of a three-year applied research project to investigate the formation and removal of NDMA and NDMA precursors during wastewater treatment at facilities where indirect potable reuse is practiced.The project objectives were as follows:

  • To assess the importance of industrial sources of NDMA and NDMA precursors entering wastewater treatment plants.
  • To understand the fate of NDMA precursors and NDMA during conventional treatment processes.
  • To understand NDMA formation during conventional and advanced treatment.
  • To select and validate a model to predict NDMA destruction using UV technology.
  • To communicate research results to water utility personnel and other environmental professionals.

The findings presented in this report are significant to the water industry. The information will provide utilities practicing water reuse with a scientific framework for managing NDMA at wastewater treatment plants and assessing the need for additional testing, potential improvements to existing treatment processes, and the need for advanced treatment. (2006, 168 pages, 01-002-01)

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