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Salinity Management Guide: The Links Between Soil, Salt, and Recycled Water (CD-ROM)

This tool helps landscape professionals accurately diagnose and manage salt-related problems. The Salinity Management Guide is an interactive, user-friendly CD that provides information varying from the basics of salinity to the design or redesign of landscape systems based on water needs, soil conditions, and the salt-tolerance of plants.

Using data and images from the Guide, landscapers will be able to compare their plants to photos of plants suffering from salt damage. With a click of the mouse, they can explore options such as selecting a more salt-tolerant plant for the landscape, checking water application rates to determine if adequate water has been used to meet the plant’s needs, or changing the water application method from one type of sprinkler to another to avoid salt damage to foliage.

It is the only CD database of its kind that provides information on the effects of water quality on plants, soils, and water application systems.
(2008, 03-012-01)

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