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The WateReuse Association, California Section's mission is

"To promote responsible stewardship of California's water resources by maximizing the safe, practical and beneficial use of recycled water and by supporting the efforts of the of WateReuse Association."

At no time in our history has the use of recycled water been more important than it is today, especially while the Western United States is experiencing the worst drought in 500 years. Outreach is a key aspect of our mission and is evidenced in several areas at both the state and local levels. WateReuse is actively engaged in working with our appointed and elected officials to effect both regulations and legislation that will move recycled water projects forward in a streamlined manner. In addition to the legislative and regulatory outreach, WateReuse provides our membership with expert testimony to support local projects that are consistent with our mission. There is a depth and breadth of experience within the organization to assist new projects and/or advance existing and challenging projects.


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Water Activity

Give Water a Second Chance…Recycle It!
WateReuse California teamed up with the Water Education Foundation to produce a 16-page booklet that teaches upper elementary students how water is recycled. The workbook includes engaging double-page activities such as a decoding game about the parts of the water “re-cycle,” mazes through a wastewater treatment plant, online explorations of wastewater microbe life cycles, activities to identify uses for recycled water, and an experiment about salts dissolved in water and the challenges for water recycling.


Recycled Water User Manual

Recycled Water Urban Irrigation User's Manual
The Los Angeles County Chapter prepared to convey the general rules, regulations, and guidelines regarding the safe introduction and use of recycled water for landscape irrigation in Los Angeles County and other areas in the State of California. To view the document, please click here Adobe PDF.


November 5, 2014
Update on Recycled Water $800 million low interest loans

The State Water Resources Control Board is offering $800 million in 1 percent loans – approximately half the current interest rate – for water recycling projects that can be completed within three years of the Governor’s January 17, 2014 drought declaration. Applications for funding must be submitted by Dec. 2, 2015.



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