Tailored Collaboration Research Program

The WateReuse Research Foundation is seeking preproposals for funding consideration under its 2015 Tailored Collaboration (TC) Research Program (reserved for Subscribers). The total amount of funds approved for the Foundation’s 2015 TC Research Program projects is $480,000. The Foundation anticipates funding a minimum of four projects with a maximum funding level for any single project of $120,000. Preproposals are due by February 5, 2015.

View the 2015 Request for Preproposals

About the TC Program

The TC Program is designed to encourage collaboration with Foundation Subscribers on research. Tailored Collaboration projects often address applied research topics of regional interest. In other words, TC projects may be local or regional in nature, but the research topic should be broadly applicable to the water reuse and desalination community. Proposals for the Tailored Collaboration Program should also complement the Foundation’s ongoing research and not duplicate any current or pending project.

The Tailored Collaboration Program is governed by the Foundation’s Operating Plan. The plan describes the operational strategies used to fulfill the research needs of the Foundation.

The following guidelines outline the requirements for submitting proposals under the Tailored Collaboration Research Program. These guidelines also provide information on the process used by the Foundation to review, rank, and fund research projects.

Eligibility: The Tailored Collaboration Program is reserved exclusively for Foundation Subscribers who adhere to proposal guidelines, and are considered eligible due to satisfactory performance on other Foundation projects.