2007 CA Section Award Recipients

The California Section of the WateReuse Association honored five water recycling champions during the annual awards luncheon held on March 5 during the 2007 Annual Conference in Palm Springs, CA.

2007 WateReuse Agency of the Year - Large

The Otay Water District was recognized for being a regional leader in the development of water conservation programs and recycled water system development. The district is nearing completion of a $40 million recycled water system supply link between the existing recycled water transmission system and the City of San Diego's South Bay Water Reclamation Plant.

The project will convey at least 8,000 acre-feet per year (AFY) of recycled water.  The total projected recycled water demand at ultimate build-out is projected to be 9,300 acre-feet per year. 

2007 WateReuse Agency of the Year - Medium

A collaborative organizational partnership between Dublin San Ramon Services District (DSRSD) and East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) was recognized as the medium agency of the year. The DSRSD-EBMUD Recycled Water Authority (DERWA) delivered 1,492 AFY of recycled water during its 2006 inaugural season to irrigate landscaping in schools, parks, roadway medians, golf courses, homeowners association properties, and greenbelts.

DSRSD and  EBMUD both serve water to adjacent service areas. DERWA's goal was to create a streamlined, self-sustaining program delivering recycled water for irrigation in place of potable water.

2007 WateReuse Community Outreach/Public Education Program

The recipient was the West Basin Municipal Water District. West Basin's Water Recycling Community Outreach Program is a multi-tiered effort designed to encourage private and public school students, families, adult community groups, and industry professionals from Southern California to learn about recycling programs and actively participate in conserving energy and water.

The outreach program has sponsored a number of projects including festivals, workshops, school field trips, guest speaker engagements, and even water-related giveaways. In a short span of three months, the program reached out to thousands of citizens.

2007 WateReuse Advocate of the Year

Timothy C. Jochem, General Manager of the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District, was recognized as the Advocate of the Year. Jochem led the way in making water reuse a central part of the mission of his water district.

Jochem's vision and persistence helped ensure financing and construction of the Whittier Narrows Water Recycling Project, which will reduce the community's dependence on 1.2 billion gallons of groundwater and imported water. Jochem was also instrumental in ensuring financing and construction of the Rose Hills Recycling Project and the staging of a unique public water festival that showcased water reuse.

2007 WateReuse Customer of the Year

The Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation was recognized for its innovative use of water reuse in a major park. By using recycled water in the largest and most popular park in Los Angeles County, the department is showcasing the possibilities of water reuse and making a major statement about the value and applicability of this technology.

The Whittier Narrows Recreation Park provides fishing lakes, comfort stations, picnic areas, a playground, a nature center, an equestrian facility, trails, athletic fields, and a military museum. This partnership between the Department of Parks and Recreation and the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District is confirming that public acceptance of reuse is on the rise.