2007 WateReuse Award Recipients

The WateReuse Association presented awards to the best and the brightest in the water reuse and desalination fields during the Annual Awards Luncheon held Monday, September 10 at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, FL. The awards ceremony coincided with the 22nd Annual WateReuse Symposium, which is the preeminent conference devoted to water reuse and desalination education.

The prestigious awards program recognizes superior water reuse, reclamation, and recycling projects across the United States that advance reuse, have a new reclamation twist, or have made significant contributions to water reuse and/or desalination.

The 2007 WateReuse Association Awards and recipients are as follows:


Customer of the Year - The Customer of the Year Award was presented to Hotel Sofitel, a customer of the Redwood City (CA) Recycled Water Project. Hotel Sofitel maintains a business philosophy of sustainability in water and energy consumption, as well as waste management and recycling. The hotel has been a willing partner in exploring new ways to save water and has been proactive in expanding the safe use of recycled water beyond the common uses.


Person of the Year - The Person of the Year Awards were presented to Andrew Salveson of Carollo Engineers and Lauren Walker-Coleman of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Mr. Salveson is an engineer whose outstanding contributions to the water reuse industry have come in the form of research, disinfection planning, and project design. Ms. Walker-Coleman has served Florida as a water reuse specialist for more than eight years and has authored numerous technical papers that have become important reference tools.


Project of the Year-Desalination - The Project of the Year-Desalination Award was presented to North Alamo Water Supply Corporation, Brownsville Public Utilities Board, and NRS Consulting Engineers for their breakthrough projects in south Texas. The North Alamo Water Supply Corporation covers almost 1,000 miles of territory, including six other public water systems. Desalination is proving to be a drought-proof alternative to the Rio Grande-an area with very limited rainfall.


Project of the Year-Large - The Project of the Year-Large Awards were presented to the Redwood City (CA) Recycled Water Project and Integrated Water Reuse Management at the City of Scottsdale, AZ.

The Redwood City Recycled Water Project had to overcome considerable public resistance. Success came because the focus remained on the goal, misinformation was quickly addressed, and there was flexibility in accomplishing project goals. With no more local water supply available, this project will be crucial in helping Redwood City meet future water supply challenges.

Through Integrated Water Reuse Management, the City of Scottsdale has achieved great success. In 2006, the City of Scottsdale achieved "safe yield" in compliance with the state's Groundwater Management Act. This project has also completed a first step toward salinity reduction in reclaimed water used for golf courses and successfully partnered with golf course developers.


Project of the Year-Small -The Project of the Year-Small Award was presented to Charlotte Correctional Institute, a prison located in Punta Gorda, FL. The prison has facilities onsite to provide drinking water and treat wastewater. Reclaimed water is used for the institutional laundry and all prison toilets.


Public Education Program of the Year - The Public Education Program of the Year Awards were presented to the Santa Clara Valley (CA) Water District and the Recovered/Reclaimed Water Awareness Program of El Paso, TX.

Santa Clara's outreach program reaches 25,000-30,000 students and enjoys a 99% satisfaction rating from the students. Their innovative outreach includes public events, media interviews, a comprehensive water recycling website, and the establishment of a water recycling retailers subcommittee.

In El Paso, TX, the educational program incorporated cultural differences of the region in outreach campaigns and materials. An infomercial was developed in English and Spanish and aired for several months. A bi-lingual brochure explaining benefits of reclaimed water also was developed. The program allowed two water systems in two countries to share resources-El Paso, TX and the City of Juarez, Mexico.


Award of Merit - The Awards of Merit were presented to Water Conserv II and the West Palm Beach/East Central Regional Water Reclamation Facility.

Water Conserv II was the first reuse project permitted by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to irrigate crops produced for human consumption with reclaimed water. This multi-faceted project has been providing 20 years worth of high quality reclaimed water to its customers, which include citrus groves, golf courses, landscape nurseries, tree farms and residential lawns.

The West Palm Beach/East Central Regional Water Reclamation Facility is a wetlands-based program that uses highly treated reclaimed water to restore wetlands, augment local water resources, and reduce the amount of effluent disposed via deep-well injection. The South Florida Water Management District holds this project up as an example to other water suppliers on how to develop alternative water supplies.


President's Awards - WateReuse Association President Pick Talley presented the coveted President's Awards to Mark Millan of Data Instincts and John Shearer of Shearer Consulting, Inc. In his capacity as chair of the WateReuse Association's Public Education and Outreach Committee, Mr. Millan has helped the Association develop new tools and resources to educate the public, the media, and water professionals about the safety and importance of water reuse and other alternative water supplies. Mr. Shearer, a member of the Association's Board of Directors, was recognized for leading the development of a business plan to help secure the Association's future.