2008 CA Section Award Recipients

The California Section presented their Annual Water Recycling Awards at a March 25 luncheon held during the annual section conference in Newport Beach, CA. The  following awards were presented:

Recycled Water Agency of the Year - Small

City of Redwood City & South Bayside System Authority - Since 1998, Redwood City has been exceeding its annual contractual water supply limit from the Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System. After much planning, the first gallons of recycled water began flowing to commercial customers in summer 2007. By 2010, Redwood City's Recycled Water Project is expected to save approximately 900 acre-feet of drinking water.

Recycled Water Agency of the Year - Medium

Elsinore Valley Municipal Water  District - The Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (EVMWD) produces more than five million gallons of recycled water every day, and primarily uses it to restore Temescal Creek and Lake Elsinore. This summer, EVWMD made history when it began pumping five million gallons of recycled water into Lake Elsinore each day, marking the first time that recycled water has been tapped as a reliable source to replenish a full body contact lake in California.


Recycled Water Agency of the Year - Large

Orange County Water District - The Orange County Water District (OCWD) manages the Santa Ana River and a vast groundwater basin that underlies northern and central Orange County from Irvine to the Los Angeles County border.

OCWD also manages the Groundwater Replenishment (GWR) System, the world's largest water purification project of its kind.  The GWR System takes highly treated wastewater destined for the ocean, purifies it to near-distilled quality, and puts it back into the groundwater basin and OCWD's seawater intrusion barrier.

Recycled Water Community Outreach/Public Education Program of the Year

Eastern Municipal Water District's Wastewater Treatment for all Curious Beings - The Eastern Municipal Water District's (EMWD) "Wastewater Treatment For All Curious Beings" facility and wetlands tour, combined with follow up DVD and activity book helps to educate students in a fun and creative way about the processes and benefits that are involved in the wastewater treatment and recycling process. EMWD is also unusual among municipal water agencies in having both an extensive water education program and multi-purpose-constructed wetlands.

Recycled Water Commercial Customer of the Year

Hotel Sofitel, San Francisco Bay - Through the Redwood City Recycled Water Project, Sofitel San Francisco Bay is helping to save millions of gallons of drinking water. Sofitel is a willing partner in exploring new ways to save water and is proactive in expanding the safe use of recycled water beyond the common uses. With four approved recycled water applications, the hotel has more onsite uses than any other Redwood City recycled water customer.

Recycled Water Industrial Customer of the Year

BD Biosciences - BD Biosciences (formerly Pharmingen), is one of the world's leading businesses focused on bringing innovative tools to life science researchers and clinicians. BD Biosciences proactively uses recycled water for dual plumbing, a cooling tower, and irrigation. In 2007, BD Biosciences used a total of 4.1 acre-feet of recycled water. In an effort to improve business operations, BD Biosciences facility engineers developed a new low impact procedure for performing the annual cross-connection control test and inspection. The procedure is now included in the latest Uniform Plumbing Code and is included but not adopted in the California Plumbing Code.

Recycled Water Irrigation Customer of the Year

Quail Botanical Gardens - Quail Botanical Gardens (QBG) is a private botanical garden in Encinitas, CA. Scenic trails allow visitors glimpses of many different horticultural habitats, many of which are watered by recycled water provided by the San Elijo Joint Powers Authority (SEJPA). The gardens use approximately seven acre-feet of recycled water annually in their water wise gardens and are expected to expand recycled water use up to 25 acre-feet annually in the near future.

Recycled Water Advocate of the Year

Nancy H. Sutley, Office of the Mayor, City of Los Angeles - Nancy Sutley currently serves as the Deputy Mayor for Energy and Environment for the City of Los Angeles, and is also Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's appointment to the Board of Directors for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Sutley was selected to receive this award for spearheading the effort that resulted in the adoption of California's Assembly Bill 1481 (De La Torre). Assembly Bill 1481 directs the State Water Resources Control Board to develop a general permit that will provide for uniform and appropriate regulation of recycled water used for landscape irrigation. This change will allow every utility in the state, regardless of its location or the predilections of its particular Regional Water Quality Control Board, to permit its water recycling projects under a single, predictable, streamlined general permit.

Recycled Water Staff Person of the Year

Dennis White, City of Corona Department of Water and Power - Dennis White works as the Recycled Water Inspector for the City of Corona Department of Water and Power (CDWP). Within this capacity, White's most recent activity involved collaborating with the Parks and Community

Services Department and local schools to complete the conversion of 68 sites to the recycled water system - 58 landscape maintenance districts, nine parks, and one private school.