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Research Projects

WateReuse has conducted more than 150 research projects worth more than $60 million to safeguard water quality, protect human health, reduce costs and improve efficiency. The science has advanced the implementation of water reuse around the globe. There are four types of research:

  • Scientific Investigations which provide groundbreaking new science based on laboratory and on-site testing.
  • White Papers which explore policy, regulations, planning and other social science factors.
  • Decision Making Tools which provide operators with guidelines and frameworks to improve outcomes.
  • Communications Tools which provide information and strategies for increasing public acceptance of water reuse.

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Developing Curriculum and Content for DPR Operator Training

This project will develop content to train operators in advanced treatment processes as well as...


Demonstration of High Quality Drinking Water Production Using Multi-Stage Ozone-Biological Filtration (BAF): A Comparison of DPR with Existing IPR Practice

This project will develop a process control strategy for biologically active filtration that can be...


Scorecard for Evaluating Opportunities in Industrial Reuse

This project will develop an assessment tool to evaluate opportunities for industrial water reuse and...


State of Irrigated Agricultural Water Reuse – Impediments and Incentives

This study will gather information related to reuse of recycled water for agricultural irrigation purposes,...


Survey of Effective Statutes and Regulatory Policies for Water Reuse

This white paper will assemble information on water reuse regulations, rules, guidelines, or best practices...


Application of the Bioluminescent Saltwater Assimilable Organic Carbon Test as a Tool for Identifying and Reducing Reverse Osmosis Membrane Fouling in Desalination

A novel seawater assimilable organic carbon (AOC) assay was used to identify the relationship between...


Selection of Salt, Metal, Radionuclide, and Other Valuable Material Recovery Approaches

The goal of this project was to examine efforts aimed at recovering materials from aqueous...


Methodology for a Comprehensive Analysis (Triple Bottom Line) of Alternative Water Supply Projects Compared to Direct Potable Reuse

This project will develop and demonstrate an assessment method to provide information to decision makers...


Integrating Management of Sensor Data for a Real Time Decision Making and Response System

The goal of this project is to integrate existing treatment system information with available sensors...


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